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Fibreglass roller set is a good choice for getting bubbles from just placed fibreglass resin and is also a smooth finish for your home decoration project. Use with fiberglass project gloves to avoid chemical damage and protect your hands

1 inch large diameter for smoothing the compression resin coating and driving bubbles, 1 inch medium diameter with deep grooves for thick laminates, 1 inch small diameter for easing bubbles on thin laminates, 1 roller for bubbles at corners.
Quality aluminum alloy materials, machinery processing, glass and resin precision balance, pore-free, sturdy and durable.
Gloves have good extensibility and moderate thickness to ensure long life and protection.
Used to remove laminate bubbles, smooth and compact resin coating, drive bubbles, improve the strength and flatness of fiberglass.
Widely used in the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic, bubble inside surface of roller.

Material: Aluminum alloy 
Item Length: 
   Roller: 315mm / 12.4in, 318mm / 12.52in, 325mm / 12.8in, 330mm / 12.99in
   Gloves: 310mm / 12.2in
   Brush: 192mm / 7.56in
Package Weight: 862g / 30.41ounces
Package Size: 135 * 74 * 24mm / 5.31 * 2.91 * 0.94in

Packing List:
4 * Fibreglass Rollers
1 * Pair of Gloves
3 * Brushes

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