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6Pcs HSS saw blade diameter: 22/25/32/35/44/50mm, with 2pcs 50mm mandrels; 10pcs 22mm diamond cutting disc with 2pcs 37mm mandrels; 35pcs 32mm resin cutting wheel with 3pcs 37mm mandrels; 1pcs hex shank snaps; 1pcs three-jaw drill chuck. You can use a different cutting wheel to cut metal, gemstones, porcelain, tiles, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, pipe, etc. These cutting discs sets are suitable for cutting, grooving and trimming. Widely used in carpentry and crafts.

The cutting wheels made of high-quality diamond. With high cutting efficiency, high durability, stable quality. They are suitable for cutting gems, jade, brick, marble, glass, etc.
The cut-off saw blades are high-speed steel and there are 6 kinds of outer diameters 22/25/32/35/44/50mm. They are suitable for cutting wood, plastic, PVC pipe, etc.
Resin cutting wheel with low heat generation and thin cutting line. They can be used to cut metal, metal, iron, aluminum, chassis modification, thin metal circuit board, and DIY production after connected with mandrels.
The cutting wheel is compatible with electric drills, hanging grinders, electric grinders, etc. 
Suitable for all kinds of metal, wood, gypsum board, plastic, stone, ceramic, glass, hard alloy, gemstone processing, etc.

Material: HSS + Diamond + Resin
Shank Diameter: Approx.1/8" (3mm / 3.3mm)
HSS Saw Blades: Outer diameter 22/ 25/ 32/ 35/44/50mm, inner diameter 6.35mm
Diamond Cutting Disc: Outer diameter 22mm, inner diameter 3mm
Resin Cutting Wheel: Outer diameter 32mm, inner diameter 3mm, thickness 1mm    
Package Weight: 126g / 4.44ounces
Package Size: 150 * 120 * 30mm / 5.91 * 4.72 * 1.18in

Packing List:
6 * HSS Saw Blade with 2 * 50mm Mandrels
10 * Diamond Cutting Disc with 2 * 37mm Mandrels
35 * Resin Cutting Wheel with 3 * 37mm Mandrels
1 * Hex Shank Snaps
1 * Three-Jaw Drill Chuck

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