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DIY diamond painting greeting cards. Made of high quality paper material.
Self made greeting cards are more meaningful. Each card is unique to express your best wishes.
These special cards are not only shine and beautiful in appearance, but also the expression of one's heart.
Includes cards, diamond pack, envelope, diamond pen, plastic tray, glue clay.
Perfect gift for your children, family, colleagues, friends, lover, etc.

Type(optional): HK001-HK008(8pcs Cards)/HK009-HK012(4pcs Cards)/HK013-HK016(4pcs Cards)/HK017-HK020(4pcs Cards)/HK021-HK024(4pcs Cards)/HK025-HK028(4pcs Cards)/HK029-HK036(8pcs Cards)/HK037-HK044(8pcs Cards)/HK053-HK060(8pcs Cards)/KP001-1KP001-6(6pcs Cards)/KP001-7KP001-14(8pcs Cards)/HK061-HK068(8pcs Cards)/HK045-HK052(8pcs Cards)
Size(fold): 18 * 13cm/15 * 15cm

Packing List:
1 * DIY Cards Kit



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