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The diamond cutting wheel kit includes 40pcs diamond cutting wheels, 8pcs mandrels and 2pcs screwdrivers. With high cutting efficiency, the kit is suitable for most rotary and air tools to cut gemstones, glass, ceramics, and porcelain.

Includes 40pcs diamond cutting wheels (1in/0.87in/0.7in/0.6in, each 10pcs), 8pcs 0.12in mandrels and 2pcs screwdrivers.
The cutting wheels are made of high-quality diamonds. With high cutting efficiency, high durability, stable quality, etc.
Diamond cutting disc is uniformly coated with diamond particles, pointed and sturdy.
Suitable for most rotary and air tools. 
Perfect for cutting gemstones, glass, ceramics, and porcelain.

Material: Diamond
Diamond Cutting Wheels Size:
 Outer Diameter: 25mm / 1in, 22mm / 0.87in, 18mm / 0.7in, 16mm / 0.6in
 Inner Diameter: 3mm / 0.12in
Package Weight: 95g / 3.35ounces
Package Size: 150 * 150 * 100mm / 5.91 * 5.91 * 3.94in

Packing List:
40 * Diamond Cutting Wheels
8 * Mandrels
2 * Screwdrivers

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