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5-Piece Set: Package includes 3 * Circle Stamp Block(5cm/7cm/10cm), 1 * Black Sucker, 1 * Small Transparent Sucker.
Made of high quality acrylic material, sturdy and durable. The sucker can well absorb on the stamp block, more convenient to use.
The stamp block needs to be used with clear silicone stamp and ink pad.(The silicone stamp and ink pad are not included.)
Widely used in journal, paper, photo album, scrapbooking, diary, notebook, gift card, postcard decoration.
Note: The stamp block has a protective film on it, which can be torn off or not, it does not affect the use.

Type(optional): 5-piece Set(Circle)/5-piece Set(Wave)/13-piece Set(Square)/16-piece Set(Circle+Square)/16-piece Set(Wave+Square)
Stamp Blocks Material: Acrylic
Circle Diameter: 5cm/7cm/10cm
Wave Diameter: Approx. 5cm/7cm/10cm
Square Size: 16*10cm/15*5cm/10*5cm/10*10cm/7.5*7.5cm/5*5cm/4*4cm/3*3cm

Packing List:
3 * Circle Stamp Block(5cm/7cm/10cm)
1 * Black Sucker
1 * Small Transparent Sucker


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