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When struck this music bowl, it will makes a nice sound, allowing people to enter a state of deep meditation very quickly and opening the door for the body to heals itself, relieving mental and physical pain.

The sound is amazing, clear, strong and deep, and rich vibration-resonate with the power to heal.
When you playing the crystal singing bowl, you are not just performing a sound therapy, but also a crystal healing that is extremely penetrating.
A nice gift for friends and families.
The sound produced resonates with nature's own frequencies and affects the frequencies at which nearby objects form molecules.
The rubber-ring is non-slip and sturdy, providing you with a perfect audiotherapy trip.
The edges of the crystal music bowl are carefully polished.
2 playing methods: one way is that knock the bowl gently and slowly, another way is use the mallet friction slight on the bowl mouth.

Note: A, B, C, D, E, F, G (optional)
Color: white
Material: crystal
Diameter: 8in
Package size: 320 * 320 * 270mm / 12.6 * 12.6 * 10.6in
Package weight: 1915g / 4.2lb

Packing List:
1 * Singing Bowl
1 * Rubber-Ring
1 * Mallet
1 * Cloth-Ring
1 * Storage Bag

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