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This stripe sticker is made of premium PVC material, this premium vinyl sticker will not crack, fade and peel. And it is also waterproof, making the stickers more durable.
Cool Decoration – This striped sticker can be attached to the car hood, or wherever you want to modify your car. It will make your car look more cool and different, making others always keep their eyes on your car.
Easy to Install – Please pay more attention to product descriptions and pictures. When pasting, you need to spray more water to reduce the viscosity on the sticker, so as to better adjust the sticker, and scrape the sticker while pasting to eliminate every air bubble.
Easy to Remove – Use the nails to gently scrape off the edges of the sticker and remove it completely without leaving marks or damage to the paint. In the winter, if the weather is too cold to scrape the corners, the sticker can be properly heated by a hair dryer, and the back adhesive can be easily removed after being softened.

product name:D-1057  machine cover sticking personalized decoration car sticker jacquard general style
Size:body sticker 190 * 14cm, cover sticker 120 * 15
Package size: 29 * 8cm
Package weight:180g

1 clean the decal to be installed
Slowly remove the paper from the surface 
2 of the paper, making sure that the sticker is still attached to the transparent transfer tape. If part of the sticker is lifted with the backing, press the back of the paper down until it sticks to the transfer tape.
3 after stripping the decal from the backing, align the decal and stick it on the surface to be fitted.
4 Use a credit card, squeegee or something like that to smooth your decal and make sure it sticks completely to the surface.
5 carefully and slowly remove the transfer tape from the decal to ensure that the decal is attached to the surface. If you see that part of the sticker does not release the transfer tape, press it back onto the surface and repeat the process.
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Packing list:
3pcs Car Stickers

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