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Easy to install and adjust the camera position for wall or ceiling mounting.
Ideal for mounting your Blink outdoor camera securely outside and won't get stolen.
Neat and Save Space, with this compact outlet mount, your Blink Sync Module 2 installation is more neat and clean than before. The extra custom short USB cord will help you out of the messy wires.
Mounting High for Good Protection, mounting high on the wall where there is a outlet, keeps your Blink Sync Module 2 from being damaged by cup overflowing water, pets, children or carelessly falling from the table.
Secure and Stable, dade of high quality hard plastic, hold and protect your Blink Sync Module 2 stably with buckle design.

Model: DF1079+1021+DF1005
Color: Black
Package Size: 2pcs: 162*116*96mm
                      3pcs: 172*147*96mm
Package Weight: 2pcs: 357g
                          3pcs: 500g

Package List:
2 * Metal Security Wall Mount
2 * Blink XT Holder
3 * Chain Mount Lock
12 * Torx Screws
6 * Mounting Screws
6 * Wall Anchors
1 * Torx Screwdriver
1 * Blink Sync Module
1 * USB Cable

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