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Using Method:
Place the 2m-length virtual magnetic stripe wall anywhere that you need to confirm a restricted area, so it can keep the robot vacuum away from certain areas of a room.

*1PCS 2m-length virtual magnetic stripe wall, slim and portable, you can place it anywhere. 
*With magnetic stripe, the robot vacuum won't enter into the restricted area.
*Super magnet, more magnetic than other belts. It doesn't need any battery, convenient for you to use.
*Boundary markers keep the Neato and Shark ION robot vacuum away from certain areas of a room, away from an object, or confined to one room. Useful for open floor plan houses. Handle with care.
*Compatible with: Xiaomi gen 1&2, Neato Botvac Series, Neato Botvac D Series, Neato Botvac Connected, Neato XV Series robots and Shark ION. For other models, if it is sensed by magnetic induction, this strip also works.

Length: 2m
Material: Magnetic glue
Item Size: Approx. 22 * 4.8 * 4.8cm / 8.66 * 1.89 * 1.89in
Item Weight: Approx. 365g
Package Size: Approach. 26 * 8 * 8cm / 10.23 * 3.15 * 3.15in 
Package Weight: Approx. 500g / 17.6oz              

Package List:
1 * 2m Virtual Magnetic Stripe Wall

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