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This mask can effectively prevent dust, smoke, PM2.5 haze, viruses and so on. Protection and filtering effect is very obvious. 

Suitable for children to use in smoggy weather.
Good air permeability and comfortable wearing.
Elastic rope to help achieve a better sealing effect.
Both sides of the bridge of the nose fixed, effectively cut off from the polluted air.
Effectively obstruct non oily particulate matter, such as dust, pollen and some smog. 

Item type: Mask
Color: White
Quantity: 1PC
Package weight: 1PC: 15g / 0.52ounces
                10PCS: 150g / 5.29ounces
Package size: 1PC: 120 * 100 * 20mm / 4.72 * 3.93 * 0.78inches
              10PCS: 120 * 100 * 100mm / 4.72 * 3.93 * 3.93inches

Package list:
1 * Mask

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