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This leather tools set includes pressure cloth tooth(4mm,2mm), awls, adjustable groover, needle kit, thimble, beeswax, scissors and finger cots, can meet your basic needs for leather crafts.

A kind of very easy to use DIY hand tool. Nice for custom leather works such as sewing leather, canva, cloth, paper or other projects.
Made of soft leater, leather finger cots cover only the lower part of the finger, causing less discomfort for the whole hand but still help to protect fingers while providing support when handling work pieces.
This leather stitching tools set comes with 2 types of pressure cloth tooth, 4pcs of different stitching awl and leather groover make them much easier to punch and sew leather. And made of steel and wood, not easy to break, long lasting to use.
Suitable for beginner and proficient. 
It's a good choice for small gifts to parents, family, friends, especially for DIY hand stitching lovers.

Material: Stainless steel + Wood
Package Weight: 840g / 29.63ounces
Package Size: 265 * 150 * 50mm / 10.43 * 5.91 * 1.97in

Packing List:
5 * Leather Edge Polishing Tool
1 * Adjustable Leather Edge Tool, Edge Seam
1 * 1mm Wood Edge Chamfer
1 * Japanese Style Ski Cutter
1 * Leather Edge Chamfering Tool
1 * Sewing Wheel in Handmade Leather, Sewing Roulette, Leather, 2.5mm
1 * Handmade Leather Sewing Wheel, Sewing Roulette, 4mm Leather
1 * Multi-size Wooden Cutting Edge
1 * Multi-size Hole Punch, 1.5mm / 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm / 3.5mm / 4mm
1 * Adjustable Edge Maker up to 1.5cm
1 * Set of Diamond Chisel Leather Stitching, 4mm 1,2,4,6 Prong
5 * Replacement Ski Tool
1 * 1mm Stainless Steel Edge Chamfer
1 * 2mm Stainless Steel Edge Chamfer
1 * Awl Wooden Handle

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