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STARTER SET: Contains everything you need to get started. Even a template is included and can be painted directly with the brush.
Complete Set: High-quality fretsaw set. Fretsaw, jigsaw table with clamping bracket, clamp, fretsaw blades, jigsaw key, awl, fretsaw template.
Get start immediately.
Made from high-grade material, durable and with longer service life.
Fretsaw template size: 180 x 140mm.

Awl: 120mm Length made from carbon steel
Colorpen length: 145mm

Packing List:
1 * Fretsaw
6 * Fretsaw Blades
1 * Clamp
1 * Fretsaw Templates
1 * Fretsaw Table
1 * Square Ruler
1 * Awl
1 * Brush
1 * Color Pen
1 * Wrench

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