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This is an solar energy lamp that has dual human induction function and has four sides to emit light.

New design solar LED lamp, large lighting range(20~25 square meters), suitable for home use or outdoor use.
No wire required. Just install this solar lamp to some places like corridors, gate, where it can absorb sunlight easily. It's very easy to install / reinstall. It not only saves electricity, but also minimizes the risk of electric shock accident.
160 LED: Advanced human induction technology, which allows it to automatically turn on when it's dark, and automatically turn off when people leave. Long induction time, 20~25 seconds. 
260 LED: 3 human induction modes: 
1. Maintain weak light state when it's dark.
2. Maintain weak light state when it's dark. Once it senses the moving object, it will automatically converted into a bright light state. Will switch to weak light state again if no object sensed in 20 ~25 seconds. 
3.When it's dark and once it senses the moving object, it will automatically converted into a bright light state . Will turn off in 20~25 seconds.
Made of high quality ABS plastic which allows it to have a long operational life span.
Suitable to use at various places, such as corridors, staircases, gates, aisles, etc.

3.7 V, 1200 MAH (160 LED)
3.7 V, 2000 MAH (260 LED)
LED: 160/260 beads (optional)
Bead Quantity: 
160 LED: 50LED + 50LED + 30LED + 30LED
260 LED: 88LED + 88LED + 42LED + 42LED
Color Temperature: 6500K
Lighting Range: 
20 square meters (160 LED)
25 square meters (260 LED)
Item Material: ABS (Acrylonitrilr Butadiene Styrene plastic)
Waterproof: IP65
Item Color: Black
Wattage of LED: 
2.5W (160 LED)
3.0W (260 LED)
Wattage of Solar Panel:
0.55W (160 LED)
0.63W (260 LED)
Item Weight: 
194g / 6.8 oz (160 LED)
255g / 9 oz (260 LED) 
Item Size:
130*108*58mm / 5.1*4.25*2.3in (160 LED)
150*132*53mm / 6*5.2*2.1in (260 LED)
Solar Panel Size:
80*45.5mm / 3.15*1.8in (160 LED)
124.5*44.5mm / 4.9*1.75in (260 LED)
Package Size: 
135*110*60mm / 5.3*4.3*2.4 (160 LED)
155*135*55mm / 6.1*5.3*2.2 (260 LED)

Packing List:
1 * Lamp


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