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The safety rope are 12mm in diameter and the length of the ropes are 1.6/3/5 meters available. High tenacity braided rope with reinforced inner core, durable and good abrasion resistance. 

Made of high quality Polypropylene Fiber for rope, sturdy and long-lasting stability, safe and reliable.
Diameter of the rope is 12mm/0.5in, max bearing up to 1800KG/3968lb, high wear resistance and strong bearing capacity. 
Made of heavy duty Alloy Steel material for clip,high intensity, solid and durable, max bearing up to 25KN/5511lb. 
D-shaped lock, small design and lightweight, easy to connect, close and unlock with manual rotation.
Suitable for high altitude activities, such as mountain climbing, aerial work, engineering protection. 
Note: The climbing rope is not for using around electric lines.

Material: Polypropylene Fiber + Alloy Steel 
Diameter: 12mm / 0.5in 
Bearing: 1800kg / 3968lb
Rope Length: 1.6/3/5 meters (optional)
D-Shaped Hook: 
length 220mm / 8.7in  width 115mm / 4.5in  opening 60mm / 2.4in 
Item Weight: 845g/1.9lb 947g/2.1lb 1095g/2.4lb 
Package List: 20 * 20 * 8cm / 7.9 * 7.9 * 3.1in 

Package List: 
1 * Climbing Rope 

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