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The whetstone set includes double-sided grinding stone, silicone holder, bamboo base, leather honing strop, leather razor strop, polishing wax, stone correction and angle guide. It is suitable for cutter sharpening of home kitchen or woodworking.

Double-sided whetstone, 1000 grit for sharpening blade, 6000 grit for honing the blade.
Made from white corundum, so expensive oil is not required,  just use some water.
Non-slip silicone base and non-slip bamboo base to make sure the whetstone is firmly fixed.
Two side leather strop for polishing cutter and removing burr.
The green polishing wax is used for surface polishing of metal products and other non-metallic products.
Angle guide keeps the cutter at the correct angle, leather strop to polish the cutter and remove burr.

Material: White corundum
Package Weight: 1300g / 45.86ounces
Package Size: 240 * 110 * 95mm / 9.45 * 4.33 * 3.74

Packing List:
1 * Whetstone
1 * Non-slip Silicone Holder
1 * Non-slip Bamboo Base
1 * Leather Honing Strop
1 * Leather Razor Strop
1 * Green Polishing Wax
1 * White Stone Correction
1 * Black Angel Guide

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