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This digital readout kit can be installed on a variety of woodworking and metalworking machines allowing conversion to digital readout.

Remote readout LCD display convenient for reading and operation.
The design is novel and has strong anti-interference ability.
Quick response speed of 3 m/s, no over-speed error occurred.
The display has 2 magnet on the back, which can be attached to iron and is more convenient to use.
It is used to be equipped together with various industry lathes and upgrade old lathe.

Measuring Range: 0-150mm, 0-300mm (optional)
Accuracy: ±0.06
Battery: 2 * 3V CR2032 button cells (not included)
ON/OFF: Power switch button
ABS: Relative measurement and absolute measurement conversion 
mm/in: millimeter and inch standard conversion
ZERO: Data reset(zeroing) at any position
SET: In the imperial standard measurement state, each time the button is pressed, the resolution of the fraction part is switched between 1/32,1/64,1/128.
Package Weight: 
 0-150mm: 305g / 10.76ounces 
0-300mm: 330g / 11.64ounces
Package Size: 355 * 68 * 42mm / 13.98 * 2.68 * 1.65in

Packing List:
1 * Digital Readout Kit 
1 * Set of Mounting Accessories

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